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We always do group lessons (4-5 people maximum) because these take the pressure off the individual and make things more enjoyable. One hears everything said several times and criticisms aren’t taken personally!

Unlike other clubs and shooting grounds, we only ever give beginners one lesson, it is all one needs, but the lesson lasts for 2-2 ½ hours instead of the usual course of several 1 hour lessons. After this you get tips from time to time, as necessary, no charge.

The lesson costs £85 and includes gun hire and 60 cartridges, there are no extras, even the tea, coffee and biscuits are free. Lessons start promptly at 10.00am on the Sundays that the club meets. Other prices are on our website.

We have 28, 20 and 12 bores as required. We have a Section 11 exemption as a Police approved range so can hire guns and sell ammunition for use on the ground. You do not need a licence.

We ask for immediate payment in full and confirm the lesson only on receipt of the payment, this is because our lessons are usually fully booked and if you don’t turn up you will be denying someone else the opportunity; we also have to pay the instructor whether you turn up or not !

After the lesson, and if you like us, you can join the club or continue to shoot as a visitor, it pays to join if you plan to shoot regularly, but it’s your choice.

Payment can be made by cheque to John F Smith at Appledown, Pincott Lane, West Horsley, KT24 6JH or electronic transfer to lloyds Bank Sort Code 30/99/09 Account No. 12880868.

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